About Me

Nuala Duignan

Who is Nuala, The Life Coach?

As a Professional Life Coach and Author of “Charting Your Life’s Roadmap in an Uncertain World” – Choose Happiness Daily, my Life Coaching practice evolved from a passion for positivity in my own and other people’s lives.

When I needed a change of direction in my own life, and discovered Life Coaching in 2005, it proved to be the catalyst to many great happenings for me.  I qualified with a Personal and Business Coaching Diploma en route towards pursuing my passion for positive change.

My deep interest and empathy for people has stemmed from moving people out of, and beyond their comfort zones. Every single person has the ability to be their own beset guide and expert. But the reality is, many of us need support with our journey and this is where my role as Life Coach becomes very relevant.  I prompt and help you come up with your own answers.  I “walk alongside you” on your “journey“.

Following on from Life Coaching with me you will have more belief in your capabilities and you will become aware of all the possibilities and positives in your life that you may not have already being aware of .  You will acknowledge your great achievements and become more mindful of your greatness each and every day.

You will get into the habit of  “parking” any negatives of your past and you will instead begin looking forward to the future you deserve.

For further information or for a personal Coaching Consultation please contact me today at:

Tel. 087  2532675.

E. Mail: info@nualaduignanlifecoach.com

Facebook: NualaDuignanLifeCoach