Our 4 Biggest Time Wasters in Daily Living

The difference between somebody who reaches their goals and  somebody who does not, is usually down to focus. The ability to stay focused on a goal rather than getting sidetracked is, perhaps, the greatest skill you can develop. Here are some examples: 1. Not Clarifying What your Goals are: Let’s imagine that it’s time for… Continue reading Our 4 Biggest Time Wasters in Daily Living

Spring Clean Your Life

Your Health Now is that time of year that a good spring-clean will prove beneficial to not just your home, but also to yourself.  A good spring clean, whatever time of the year, is healthy both mentally and physically.  Healthy body, healthy mind!  I’m not referring to some drastic diet, but what about cutting out… Continue reading Spring Clean Your Life

Optimists bring Joy to both Themselves and Others

Positive attitude comes with a smile.  Optimists identify stresses and then take a problem-solving approach to deal with them.  They tend to blame failure only on factors temporary to a specific instance.  There are however, people who have a “learnt mindset” of negativity.  Don’t you just long for them to express joy, laughter and a… Continue reading Optimists bring Joy to both Themselves and Others

Persistence is Key

We all know the stories of many successful businesses in Ireland and further afield.  They had to go out and put themselves on the line and take many set-backs time after time. Many of us have sampled Supermac’s food. A Galway man, Pat McDonagh one of Ireland’s most successful and respected business leaders.  His flagship… Continue reading Persistence is Key

What Gets Scheduled Gets Done during 2013

A survey carried out recently has revealed that 70% of Irish people make an average of two to three New Year resolutions as they ring in the New Year.  However, the majority of those resolutions don’t even make it through the first week and by the end of the first month two thirds of them… Continue reading What Gets Scheduled Gets Done during 2013

My First Book: “Charting Your Life’s Roadmap”

Check out my new publication: “Charting Your Life’s Roadmap in an Uncertain World”.   Included, top tips for living your best Life: Goal Setting Your Attitude to the World Boosting your Confidence Dealing with Your Worry Pattern Leverage Your Unique Talents Time Management and Beating Stress Caring for Your Customer Client’s Testimonials Recommended Book Listing.… Continue reading My First Book: “Charting Your Life’s Roadmap”