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Don’t Allow Change Distract You From Your Goals

The idea of change is not new. The most common response to change is resistance. We resist change because of our fear of the unknown and our desire to remain in our “comfort zone”. Often we look back with nostalgia and see the past as a brighter time. People who fear change often see themselves as victims. They feel unprepared to conquer whatever may come.

Three Tips towards conquering Fear of Change

Fear, can be turned into positive energy by choosing to do so. When everything around you changes, get rid of your doubts and insecurities and control your situation by taking charge of where you are at:

  • Be proud of who you are and all of your past achievements.
  • Be confident in your ability to cope with what life throws at you.
  • Be strong in your beliefs.

Although it may seem easier to react negatively, you’ll enjoy more lasting benefits if you challenge yourself to find the positive aspects and opportunities that lie within every change. If you are not in control, you will be swayed in every direction, like a ship without a rudder. On the other hand, when you are in control, you will be in “the driving seat of your life”. You are the only person who will decide how change can be used to your advantage.

I coached somebody last week who had unexpectedly last his job and initially considered his situation hopeless and negative. We began by exploring his options and viewed his hobby of playing guitar at week-ends. We set about designing the development of a music business as a means of income. Three years later he is a successful business man in the music business. This person took control of his situation and decided to change his mindset from the shock of negativity to positive change.

1When you remain in control of your situation and work with somebody who will support you, you will be sure to gain positive results.

Towards the Close of 2015 – How have those Goals Progressed??

I believe that YOU, and only you, have both the solutions and power within to create and live the life you desire. My job is to help you uncover these hidden resources. I

    Goal Setting for 2016

As another year dawns it’s an ideal time to reflect on your achievements, celebrate your wins and consider your goals for the coming year and beyond.

Do you feel like you’re always putting things off for another day, or another year? Think about what you want to be doing in 2016? This is a question for you to answer NOW before the close of 2015. One of the distinct gifts of being human is our ability to create our own destiny. Isn’t is surprising then, how many people never accept this gift or just give it away, making someone else responsible for it. Consider where you were and what you have achieved during 2015? Look at what has changed since then. Most likely, a lot.

You cannot get what you want until you can describe what it is. What do you see yourself doing if there were no perceived obstacles in your way? Give yourself the freedom to explore your options and the answers you are seeking will come.

What is it you want?

  • Why do you want it?
  • By what date?
  • What actions do you need to take to get there?

Setting daily, weekly and monthly goals helps keep the momentum going. Persistence and forward movement is what will help you reach your goal. Then acknowledge yourself on discovering you can handle anything that comes your way.

“Life is not a Rehearsal, It’s a Performance”.

No matter what our situation is, we all benefit from support in our lives, and coaching has a role to play in helping you make that difference in your life. Fundamentally, coaching is about supporting you on your journey towards your  potential.

“Procrastination is the thief of time” – Edward Young.

I   Encourage you to examine your life and identify any areas that need more balance.

·        I  Challenge you to decide what you really want from your life.

·         I will challenge you to identify what success means to you and discover what you really want from your career and personal life.

·         Explore with you how to set better goals and explain how to bring these goals to life so that you truly desire them and are highly motivated to achieve them.

·         Work with you to move your thinking away from the obstacles and problems that block you and towards your strengths and the solutions that will help you move on…

·         I will examine with you ways of making positive and quick changes in your life to bring out the very best in you in the shortest time possible

·         I will plan with you ways to “step outside” your comfort zones.

Top Tips to get the best from Your Day

When we get stressed our minds go into overdrive.  There will always be a lot of demands on people and their time, energy and finances.  Expectations can also be high so we start stressing.  We must remember that this stress can cause a physical reaction in our bodies because our minds and bodies are very connected.  However, what one person views as stress somebody else may not deem it to be so.  It’s up to us all to manage our own stress in the best way possible.

  • Ground yourself in the moment and press the “pause” button and remember you always have a choice.
  • Do somebody a good turn unconditionally.  Be aware of the ways you can make a valuable contribution to society.
  • Try not to fault anyone you meet on your journey today.   Do not try to change anybody else or their activities.  Change can only be effective when we change ourselves first.
  • Even for this one day have a programme/goal.  Understand and respect your own goals.  A speciality is very important.  Set short-term goals and let them grow.  Change them as you go. This will keep you on track for this one day and save you from time-wasting indecision.
  • Recognise opportunities when they come along.
  • Slot in some time/times into your day whereby you will have leisure to do exactly what you want to do, be it a walk in the park or a swim in the sea.  This “down time” will enable you to think about life and discover where you are at.
  • During this day travel with confidence without carrying any fear of what is or is not to come your way.  Be unafraid of your next step.
  • Get rid of your guilt feelings.  Do it and forget the negatives or else just don’t do it – yesterday has gone, today is a new day.
  • Before retiring at night list all the good things that came your way during the day, no matter how small, check deep within your psyche and find the positives.  Keep a record of all those positives in each given day and review them any time you feel “below par”.

Consider even some of those tips listed above and you will find you will become a healthier, happier human being.  All of those ideas are within your grasp but if you regard it a little daunting to make changes to the habits of a life time, it need not be a “solo run”, why not call on the help of a Life Coach.   A Coach can journey with you through the changes you would love to achieve.

Statistics show that people who are supported are most effective in their personal and business lives, they are seven times more likely to achieve the goals they desire.  A Coach will recommend action steps towards the goal of their choice and review progress regularly along the way.

Why should you journey alone?  We visit the doctor when we have a physical ailment, a dentist when we need to preserve our teeth.  When we need support on the route to achieving a new goal do not hesitate to call a Life Coach.

  • If you are feeling dissatisfied with your life
  • Re-evaluating your life choices
  • Making a career transition or facing redundancy


  • Simply looking for personal and professional break-throughs.

The Power of Positive ThOUGHTS



There are different types of good weather (all that rain?!!)

It’s how we view all that rain?!. I’m not going to let that happen.

You manifest in your reality what you decide you want.

THE “AS IF” Principle  – Acting/Feeling as if all is well

Thinking re-inforces acting – feeling

“AS IF” Principle is most powerful

Actions begin to bring about the feeling.

Your are better than you think you are.


It’s all a matter of how you think about yourself.

Once you have the GUTS, GUMPTION AND DRIVE to succeed you will succeed.



Why not try from tomorrow morning bouncing out of bed and saying…..


rather than most usual


 When you think a thought, that THOUGHT becomes an ACTION.



Positive thinkers refuse to dwell on the negatives.

They think about and visualise the end result.

Thought  –   Action   –  Habit   =   CHARACTER.

Your subconscious mind records everything.

70% of you lives we’re “drip feeding” arsnic!!! Reading newspapers, radio etc. etc. TV.

What are you feeding into your mind today??

What you put into your mind manifests itself. It resembles dumping garbage into your mind


We go through our lives with blinkers on




An unhappy NOW makes an unhappy WAS.

Fill your life with happy NOWS.

If attitudes were for sale would you buy yours?

Five Steps to Beat Procrastination

Procrastination dooms most of us at some stage of our lives. Overcoming this complex human problem takes more than a “just do it” slogan to fix. You can start today to give yourself that winning edge by using time you’d ordinarily spend procrastinating to productively pursuing new opportunities. You will gain more ground in your search whilst others procrastinate.

  1. Recognize the Problem

    Once you recognize procrastination thinking, you have a fighting chance to shift to a do-it-now thinking, doing specific actions in a reasonable way within a designated time-frame.
    Unless you are aware of when and how you procrastinate, you are likely to remain in that rut.

So what is procrastination?

It’s an automatic problematic habit where you postpone a necessary activity until another day or another time. When you procrastinate you always sidetrack yourself with a diversion, such as texting, talking on the phone or wringing your hands in despair about the state of the world!  You will almost always justify the delay, by telling yourself that you need to think more about this pressing issue. Once you realize what it is you do when you procrastinate, then you have the opportunity to deal with, and tackle this issue “head on”.

  1. Commit to a Productive Direction

    A commitment is a pledge that you follow through responsibly. However, be mindful that you will always find an excuse to delay that vital first action step. This is where you make a commitment but then automatically find ways to delay.

The three steps outlined below should guide you towards becoming more proactive towards that necessary first action:

Writing down your exact plan.

  • Outlining a very specific time to begin work on your plan and make that time as soon as possible.
  • Committing to working on this plan for five minutes, after which you can decide whether to continue for another five minutes. The five-minute technique helps you get past being daunted by the process which will ultimately unravel your best intentions.
  1. Refuse to Accept False Excuses for Delays

    False optimism feeds procrastination. You can routinely “con” yourself into thinking that later is a better time to start. This thinking takes many forms.

  • Later, is that tomorrow will be a better time to do what you put off today. It rarely happens that way.
  • Contingency procrastination thinking moves you to a complex new level, e.g. if you are searching for a new job you will tell yourself that you have not yet read the relevant books on how to create a great resume. Then you will either put off buying the books or put off reading them once you buy them…..
  • You worsen your situation with a Catch-22 procrastination You tell yourself that the job market is too tight, so why bother trying? How do you stop this automatic negative thinking? Begin with awareness.

4. Build Foresight

Procrastination is partially due to a normal human tendency to go for what is easy and avoid complexities and uncertainties. We all have the capacity to go for what is easiest, as well as the capacity to plan and act towards reaching a bigger long-term reward. It’s up to us to make that choice.  Accept the fact, even if you don’t like it, that to do better, you need to take a longer-term view and take the essential steps to reach your specific goal. Act on that belief and you will have fewer false rewards from time spent complaining, searching the internet or texting your friends!

 “Every day is a new beginning, treat it that way, stay away from what might have been, and look at what can be in the future”

Dealing with Our Fears

In our modern lives the future is less certain for most of us than ever before. The pace of change is increasing all the time and there is less certainty in our working lives. This can mean for many of us that our fear response is engaged lot of the time.  However, we owe it to ourselves to tackle those fears as we encounter them in whatever way is most appropriate to our current situation.

  • Replace the negative feelings with positive and happy thoughts.
  • Learn to enjoy the simple things like a sunny day.
  • Be mindful of the lush green trees and foliage emerging into Spring from the dormant Winter season.
  • Listen to the bird song and play your favourite music every chance you get.
  • Don’t forget about the Dawn Chorus in this month of May!

Sometimes we allow the feeling of fear influence our choices in life. We often choose the ‘safest’ option and this can severely limit the joy and satisfaction of availing of great opportunities which we encounter on our life’s journey.  As a result of this we can be living half-lives due to fear. In my experience as a Life Coach fear is the number one reason we choose not to follow our dreams. Fear can even prevent us from going for what we really want and are capable of pursuing in life.  We need to “push through” that fear threshold daily in order to move on. When we feel the fear and do it anyway we will be living more “in flow” with our lives and be able to gain the most from each and every day.

We have far more choice and opportunity now than ever before, much more than our parents or grandparents before us.  Without allowing fear get in our way we can relish all of these new opportunities.

  • We can travel to exciting destinations for holidays or even live in different countries.
  • We can develop our own business or study a subject of our choice at any age.
  • We can pursue a multitude of hobbies and interests during our lifetime.
  • We can enjoy all the great things life has to offer us.

However, we can only benefit and enjoy all of this only if we beat that “enemy” called

FEAR –  False Evidence Appearing Real

Basking in the JOY not The Fear

  • Do not be trapped in yesterday.
  • Do not let the past throw a shadow over your todays’.
  • Respect the past but do not be governed by it.
  • Do not allow the past hold you back or yield to anxieties/fears about the future.
  • Today is a Gift. Use it as that.

The Game of Life


Perhaps  the most salient point about humans is that we have the precious gift of personality, of individuality in a way that goes beyond that of other animals, because we can think, plan, and create something that did not exist in nature before.  But some people make more of themselves than others.

So accentuate your differences.  Become yourself as early as possible – as Oscar Wilde quipped, “everyone else is taken”.  Don’t work in a job where you cannot express your individuality or have to suppress major parts of it, except to learn a skill that you can then develop in your own direction.  Don’t be satisfied with anything that is not fully and utterly satisfying for you, whether in your career or life generally.  Don’t accept constraints – whatever they are – that stop your personality and distinctive take on life from flowering to the full.

(2) Mind

The most priceless thing we have is our mind.  Training the mind and developing should be everybody’s principal objective throughout life.  Education is not something that is done to you within the first quarter of your time on earth, but something you do for yourself all the time.  There is no point in acquiring knowledge in anything that doesn’t excite you, but if nothing about which you can gain knowledge excites you, you might as well not exist.  Knowledge can be very specialized but using the mind is the most enjoyable thing any of us can do.  It also has other benefits, ranging from a longer life and better health, to acquiring more money.  Learn everything that you are really interested in, and then learn what nobody else knows.

(3) Spirit

Humans are different because we have mind and spirit.   Although closely linked, they are different properties.  The spirit is the the part that belongs to our will, our conscience, our determination, our aspirations, the mental energy and emotion that powers our mind.

Spirit is our access to that mysterious entity called the unconscious – our own individual unconscious mind and that of society and the universe generally

Self-Belief – Part 2

When you stop believing in yourself, you negatively impact absolutely everything that matters to you.  Sometimes our beliefs are weighed down by a lot of stuff. But, the great news is that our beliefs are still there. It is a matter of removing the superflous stuff we’ve focused on for far too long.  Your self-belief: it is here, still in you, as you know you can because you’ve done it before.  Recall your “Centre of Excellence” (occasion wherby you tackled a major challenge previously and succeeded) You know where it is as you can feel it. Connect and BELIEVE. 

You’ve done the inside work, you are ready, and it is time to take action. Your dreams deserve your dedication & commitment. Go and make it happen and ACT.


Did you know that music is an incredibly powerful tool? There haves been many studies,which prove that music changes your brain wave state:

  • To help you release tension,
  • Boost your awareness,
  • Enhance your inspiration and motivation,
  • Help you assimilate information better.  Is it any wonder then that I have recently begun to learn the mandolin, what a lovely instrument! I also play piano music and I enjoy greatly attending concerts and sessions listening to great musicians play at their best…..

Apply this process and let me know how it’s helping you move forward or contact me directly at or 087  2532675

Self-Belief – Part 1

When  you stop believing in yourself, What’s the Impact?

 I’m quite sure that many of you reading this right now, know what it feels like to have lost that confidence, to have that low self-belief, to have that doubt in the pit of your stomach, to have that uncertainty.  I want to encourage you right here and now to re-gain your power in  providing you with this series of  steps that you can apply in order to boost your self-belief and self-confidence.


This process starts as soon as you commit to start it; it can be right after one of the negative experiences, or it can be later: the decision is entirely yours; what’s important to note is that, in my experience, the faster you apply it, the less time you get to let these negative experiences result in lowering your self-belief more and more as each day passes.

To begin with recall a negative experience you feel is still weighing you down;

Whatever happened, an event, a person, a situation, be thankful for it.  This may appear daunting but begin with being thankful it made you stronger. And, being thankful does not mean that you approve of what  happened; it does however mean that you accept it did, so that you can take that control back. These events, people, situations do not deserve to have any power over you. It happened, and you can shift to a place of thanks for having made you stronger and be grateful.

Whatever has happened, ask yourself: what can I learn from it? I believe that challenges make us stronger by teaching us lessons. I can think back on all of the negative experiences in my life and identify at least one lesson per event that has served me later on in my journey. This is an impactful way to shift this around even more, as out of a negative experience, you can find a positive one. Remember, there is at least one silver lining in any situation but you will only find it if you look for it. It is time to learn from it now and GET BACK UP.

It is NOW time to let go. The instant you decide to let go of whatever it is you need to let go of to progress you will. You need to decide that it is now time to step out of that victim role.  That negative experience has had enough power over you. It happened: let go of the past and focus on the empowering fact that you can do everything you want NOW to shape your future and LET GO.

The main driving force of my business is to ensure I am out there helping people push through their current issues and encouraging believe that they can, and furthermore, that they can achieve what they initially thought was impossible.

Watch out for Part 2 of Believing In Yourself in my next BLOG.

The Fear of Failure

Small businesses need to be given permission to fail.

Take the example of Kentucky Fried Chicken. The story of Colonel Sanders who developed Kentucky Fried Chicken in 1890.  He was not a happy man on receipt of his first Pension cheque for 99 dollars on his retirement.  He decided he must get out of his rocking chair and do something to earn some real money!  What resources did he have? He had neither a Marketing Degree nor capital.  All he had was a chicken recipe his mother had given him many years previous. He began to talk about his chicken recipe. Imagine the reception?  Rejection after rejection. 1,009 “no’s” before he got his first YES. A simple piece of chicken turned into a world-wide success.  How many of us, after 10 “no’s” would have given up?  You must try UNTIL you get that first YES and then keep on going.   As a culture, we don’t want anybody to know we failed, so even if we try a second time we don’t tell anyone.  Colonel Sanders was without such fears.  In 2011 KFC fast food restaurants span the USA plus more than 80 other countries around the world.

It’s vital to realise rejections are “par for the course” and they are simply only one person’s opinion.  So if your boss says “you’re superfluous to requirements” what you hear is that “you’re useless and you’re not needed”.  This is only your interpretation of your boss’s decision because it’s not what happens in your life that matters, it’s how you interpret and deal with what happens.

 If you feel you’re inclined to view things in a negative manner, with support, you can begin to develop a more positive outlook.