Out of the Darkness IntoThe Light

January can be the cruellest month, a time when even the strongest of us can find ourselves feeling fragile. Recently a number of elderly people nearing the end of their lives were asked: what were their biggest regrets? The number one and the clear winner on their lists was that they wished they had spent… Continue reading Out of the Darkness IntoThe Light

Time to Fly

Mental fitness has 3 Elements or Competencies. 1.Self-Worth requires actions at the edge of our comfort zone.   We must prove to ourselves that we are valuable human beings.  However, you cannot give self-worth to another human being.  I am not responsible for anybody else’s self-worth. 2.  Self-Discipline and Habit Self-Discipline requires great habits Self-discipline/habits… Continue reading Time to Fly

Spring into Hope

We cannot deny that it’s been a long winter, and not merely in terms of the weather.  Sure, we’ve been having, hurricanes and floods, but the financial storms that gripped the economy made the climate seem to be “in step” with the economic conditions.  The sun always rises following the darkest hour just before the… Continue reading Spring into Hope

“Charting Your Life’s Roadmap in an Uncertain World”

BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS I would like to recommend Author, Nuala Duignan. Why? Because she had a goal – a big goal.  To publish her very own book in 2013 to inspire confidence and happiness daily. She had limited resources yet she committed to writing and self-publishing her own book – Charting Your Life’s Roadmap in an… Continue reading “Charting Your Life’s Roadmap in an Uncertain World”

New Year Reality Check

As another year dawns, it’s an ideal time to reflect on your achievements, celebrate your wins and consider your goals for the coming year and beyond. January is a good time to think about fresh starts.  We all need a fresh start now and then, and the beginning of a New Year is an ideal… Continue reading New Year Reality Check

Mood Watching

Rain, recession, fear of job loss – how do we keep ourselves in a positive mind frame?  Coping strategies can include, distracting ourselves from our stresses or “changing the channel”.  Do not choose the company of people who only see what’s wrong with the world, it will only drag you down.  Have you noticed during… Continue reading Mood Watching


You can only breathe in the NOW.  You can’t breathe in the past and you can’t breathe in the future.   If only we could learn this truth!  How much of our headspace is taken up by delving back into our past or going too far forward into the future?  Clients often ask me “how is… Continue reading MINDFULNESS