Towards the Close of 2015 – How have those Goals Progressed??

I believe that YOU, and only you, have both the solutions and power within to create and live the life you desire. My job is to help you uncover these hidden resources. I     Goal Setting for 2016 As another year dawns it’s an ideal time to reflect on your achievements, celebrate your wins and consider your… Continue reading Towards the Close of 2015 – How have those Goals Progressed??

Five Steps to Beat Procrastination

Procrastination dooms most of us at some stage of our lives. Overcoming this complex human problem takes more than a “just do it” slogan to fix. You can start today to give yourself that winning edge by using time you’d ordinarily spend procrastinating to productively pursuing new opportunities. You will gain more ground in your… Continue reading Five Steps to Beat Procrastination

The Game of Life

Individuality Perhaps  the most salient point about humans is that we have the precious gift of personality, of individuality in a way that goes beyond that of other animals, because we can think, plan, and create something that did not exist in nature before.  But some people make more of themselves than others. So accentuate… Continue reading The Game of Life

Self-Belief – Part 2

When you stop believing in yourself, you negatively impact absolutely everything that matters to you.  Sometimes our beliefs are weighed down by a lot of stuff. But, the great news is that our beliefs are still there. It is a matter of removing the superflous stuff we’ve focused on for far too long.  Your self-belief: it is… Continue reading Self-Belief – Part 2

Self-Belief – Part 1

When  you stop believing in yourself, What’s the Impact?  I’m quite sure that many of you reading this right now, know what it feels like to have lost that confidence, to have that low self-belief, to have that doubt in the pit of your stomach, to have that uncertainty.  I want to encourage you right here and now… Continue reading Self-Belief – Part 1