How Coaching Works

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There are many great advantages about having a Coach to support and encourage you. Each person develops their own working relationship with their Coach, and each situation is unique.

  • Coaching usually begins with an informal meeting. This is to assess the individual’s current challenges and identify  desired outcomes.
  • Follow-up coaching sessions every two weeks.
  • Each session lasts an hour to an hour and a half. Between scheduled sessions the client will be encouraged to complete mutually agreed Action Steps to support the achievement of personal goals.

Some of the key results from Life Coaching:

  • Time to focus on you and your personal and professional priorities.
  • Having a Coach will focus your attention and help clarify your goals.
  • You will become more productive and effective. Many of my clients work less and accomplish more.
  • Your Coach will challenge you to eliminate the distractions, irritations and annoyances of life that waste your time and energy and hold you back. You will become more aware about what you REALLY want.
  • You will discover what is truly important to you, and devise a strategy for having more of it in your life.


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