Top Issues for Coaching

Coaching Towards Achieving YOUR Goals.

  • Begin by choosing a goal that’s important to you.
  • Write it down
  • Now figure out what you could reasonably achieve within six months. Write that down.

WHY do you want this goal?

WHAT  would stop you achieving it?

Think about a success you have previously had.

  • WHAT motivated you to pursue that goal?
  • What kept you going?
  • What’s the one action you need to take to get started on your current goal?

Remember the words of Edward Young

“Procrastination is the thief of time”

Coaching Towards Reducing That STRESS in Your Life.

Try and Live without Regrets

One of the most striking revelations of a recent survey of 76 to 106 year olds was that few of them regretted their failures.  What they regretted most however, was not having fulfilled a dream they had.

Live in the Moment

For people who live in the past, remembering the “good old days” or focusing on the future “I’ll be happy as soon as I own this or that or win the lotto….”, the simplest way to re-train your mind to be in the moment and to cultivate contentment is to practice being grateful for the positives you experience every day.

Consider Giving more than Taking

To be of service to others in the smallest way can be much more gratifying than “taking as much as you can”.  Surprising, how we can so easily get “locked into” our “own little worldsoften forgetting about the needs of others.

Once you begin to observe your mind and notice how much it controls your thoughts you will soon realize that these thoughts can be the cause of much of the negativity and worry in your life rather than any external factors.

Novelist George Eliot once wrote:

It is never too late to become what you might have been”

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