Spring into Hope

We cannot deny that it’s been a long winter, and not merely in terms of the weather.  The sun always rises following the darkest hour just before the dawn.  With the month of March just arrived, the traditional turning of the year from darkness to light we will become accustomed once again to waking to bright mornings and long bright evenings….Even the swallows will be returning to their nests following their magnificent journey from Africa.

During the month of March nature makes it’s presence felt with the first sight of the magnificent daffodils, crocus and tulips. Spring is a beautiful time as we watch the bare branches of shrubs and trees transformed into green shoots.  Spring is also a time to look forward with eagerness as there is something new happening every day.  Spring proves that hope “springs eternal”.

Research indicates lottery winners are no happier than people who do not win, and in many cases, winners have been know to become depressed in the years following their win.

We all have a basic level of happiness, a range of joy we’ll stay within regardless of our external circumstances. The greatest factor in determining our level of this joy is our mental attitude.  Instead of feeling we must change our circumstances, we should try changing the way we interpret those circumstances.  It sounds easier said than done because if we’ve always seen the glass half-empty, we most likely will not transform into a positive thinker overnight.   We cannot always control what happens to us but we do have the power to control how we respond, which ultimately indicates how we feel.

Many of us spend half our time wishing for things that we could have

 if we did’nt spend half our time wishing” – Alexander Woolcott.

Do not hesitate to call me for assistance in changing that mindset from the negative to the positive.

Spring into Hope
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Spring into Hope
We can bid farewell to giving focus to what is missing from our lives. Let us concentrate instead on our blessings. Feeling sorry for ourselves stops us appreciating all that is good and prevents us from recognizing new opportunities.