Can you imagine living two lives? I can, as this is how I would have described my life before I commenced Life Coaching with Nuala.I was living a successful, confident, professional life but a much less successful and less confident private life. Even within my professional life, I always felt my achievements were never enough and I would have described myself as a very negative person. When I met Nuala she helped me see it was the same person living both lives and she enabled me to see and acknowledge my achievements. She encouraged me to log those achievements and all positivity in my life daily. Recording these positive achievements have helped me experience my professional life and my private life as the “same person” for the first time in 20 years, that is an amazing feeling!. I now have a much more positive outlook on my overall life and am gaining more confidence in my private life every day.Thank you Nuala for showing me the way to my new thinking.

Michael, I.T. Management Specialist, Belfast.

Before I started my coaching journey, I was at a place in my life where I was stuck, I just did not know how to get going again.

I had read some of Nuala’s articles in my local paper The Liffey Champion, and decided to make contact.

We met, and Nuala explained the Wheel of Life and how to rate each segment in it. The result was like a light bulb being switched on in my head.

With the eight sections of the wheel representing balance, Nuala showed me some simple techniques in ranking my level of satisfaction within the various areas in my life. I then began to work on the relevant segments, always aiming towards a 10. When the initial sections were worked on, I then moved on to the next relevant section of life which required some work. Nuala emphasised to me the importance of viewing the Wheel of Life, (in other words my overall life) on a regular basis and acknowledging myself on my daily progress. I would never have previously considered acknowledging myself and the positivities in my life.
Many thanks Nuala for the guided journey!

John, Business Owner, Dublin South.

Having been coached by Nuala via Skype over a 2-month period, I found her to be a results-oriented, focused professional, Nuala possesses key qualities of empathy, resilience and determination and brings great experience into the life & business coaching field.

Fergal, MBA. Cork. Marketing and Brand Consultant.

I was lucky enough to meet Nuala on a business course we both attended. I had recently lost my job and was in the process of setting up a small business but I wasn’t sure if this was the way for me to go.

Having spoken with Nuala, I realised a few things about myself and my future. As time went on I opened my mind up to opportunities that were out there.

The business which I was in the process of setting up is going very well due to my new attitude towards it. I now have another project underway which has excellent potential.
Thank you Nuala for the great inspiration and help.

Pat, Driving Instructer, Co. Leitrim.

On losing my job in January 2009 when I was not seeing much hope for the future. I found my meeting with Nuala and additional conversations a great help in giving me the confidence and determination to start out building a music career for myself.

Since then I’ve gone from have an empty dairy to doing 3 – 4 gigs per week, made up of pubs, parties and weddings. I’ve also upgraded my P.A system and added lights to cater for the bigger gigs!

I’m currently getting ready to audition for Irelands Got Talent competition, starting in September so here’s hoping…

So thanks again Nuala for all your help and giving me the encouragement I needed at the time of our meeting.

Cormac, Freelance Musician, Co. Longfort.

I found it difficult at the beginning of my first coaching session to fully understand how life coaching would really help me. I needn’t have been so worried!. Having been let go from my job I wasn’t sure what direction to go. All I had were negative thoughts and emotions. The sessions with Nuala taught me how a simple goal backed up with confidence and positivity can overcome so much. Simple baby steps lead to big things being accomplished.

Every night I wrote a few simple lines on what I had achieved that day. This, I felt was a great boost for my self- confidence and made me stronger again. I found on the bad days that re-reading what I wrote kept me aware of where I was and where I wanted to go. I also logged what I wanted to do and the steps I needed to take to fulfill my goals.

I found the sessions benefited me greatly, a lot of the coaching seemed common sense, but when your whole train of thought is negative, the common sense goes out the window. What I learnt from Nuala did not only apply to the one bad situation but really it applies to all the daily challenges and decisions that I encounter throughout my life.

Following our sessions, I was back to my healthy happy self and felt I had made huge progress. At the start, I thought there was no way I could turn my situation around but as I read once ‘out of no way, a way can be made’ and I really felt I came on leaps and bounds thanks to Nuala’s help and advice.

Following my experience of being coached by Nuala, I would certainly recommend her to anybody who feels they are drifting along without focus or intention. Nuala holds you accountable from one session to the next which I found to be a great “push” for me to act and move on the goals we spoke about achieving.

Lorna, Office Manager, Co. Kildare.

When my marriage broke up I was completely torn up. I was searching everywhere for help. Finally, I realised that I had enough knowledge but somehow I could not hang it all together. I needed someone independent but professional to whom I could refer when I wasn’t clear as to where to go or what to do next. On coming across a business card stating: “Live the life you imagined”, and the words “Empowers you for Life”. I decided this could be my next move and contacted Nuala. We met and I have made great progress since. She encouraged me to go on into life especially into socialising, the dimension I was missing and to keep a record of all the good things and successes from each day. She kept in contact with me for about 3 months and with Nuala as my “supporter” I managed to walk away from my personal island over the stepping stones to the solid ground of life.

From Mark a separated father

As an engineer I assumed that going to a life coach I could present a set of problems, reveal my qualifications and through using something like a mathematical formula I would be provided with a set of answers and job titles which may suit me!. However, on leaving the sessions with Nuala I understood that Life Coaching is much more expansive than that. It is a partnership, whereby the client decides the agenda and the coach encourages forward movement towards the client’s goal.

Thanks to the support and encouragement from Nuala I have the confidence now to explore my interests/hobbies and I am now seeing an avenue whereby (that) my hobby can become a source of income.

From Ryan searching for career change